Mar 13, 2011

recent finds

Thrift shops and estate sales: here are some recent finds.

1. A rich, old lady's dress from an estate sale in Point Loma, $10.  Remove 70's collar, shorten skirt, cut puffy sleeves... check!  
2. Never been worn 1985 Swatch Watch, $3
3. Tupperware jello mold, $0.15
4. Strawberries & Cream Jar, $4
5. Already owned, Strawberries & Cream pans... Just really excited to add a new friend to the bunch!

I also don't like to waste things, so I put the dress collar to good use...

Darnel is so handsome.


  1. hahaha I've never seen a real kollar on a kitty before. very kute.

  2. BTW check out this woman's site:

  3. I am looking forward to eating the jello shaped by the above mould. Nice finds and Darnel is adorable! I liked your story on how he appeared to like wearing it....

  4. What a great idea for the collar. I'm not really a cat person, but I love how they always look like they are doing exactly what they meant to be doing, even if you dress them up, or they fall off something. I'm waiting to see you in your new little modified dress!