Mar 7, 2011

napkin drawings

Last Wednesday, over 2 pitchers of margaritas, Wendy passed out napkins and fancy new Sharpie's and told us to draw.  Being at the end of the table and probably on my second glass, I did not hear the instructions so clearly... Apparently we were supposed to sketch out ideas for the next few pieces we plan on making; I heard, "draw the first thing that you think of," so I drew a cat riding a bicycle, some palm trees, a sun that got crossed out, a new sun, and an airplane that reads "kitty express." 

Wendy then instructed us to pass the napkin to the person on our left, Poor Adam,  he got my napkin.  I in turn received Jon Bonser's napkin (his blog here).  Part of his napkin below.  There were 2 more sketches on the napkin but this was the only portion that survived the violent expulsion of my boyfriends nose.

She then said that we have to make a piece based off of the napkin sketch, and to do so in a week.  So I chose the dancin' shoe.  In honor of Jon's love of kinetic objects, I am constructing a mechanism that will cause a shoe to tap.  This is certainly something that I am not familiar with, I haven't thought about kinetics since, ummm, high school.  So I devoted Sunday morning to research how in the world I was going to create such a thing.  It's hard to start researching when you don't even have the proper vocabulary of what you are trying to research!  After an hour or two, I finally discovered the words rotational to linear motion, then piston, cam, reciprocal motion, motion converter, and voila, I was making headway.  I eventually found a wonderful animation that made sense to me.  So I took off from there and am about 65% done with the piece, (would probably be further along if I didn't constantly make dumb mistakes), but oh well, ya learn!   


  1. No, you're right. She said draw the first thing that comes to mind then some thing along the lines of maybe an idea for the next piece. I think yours is the only one that is really specifically project ideas. I think it would be great if jon still made this piece and showed both together.

  2. Yes Adam's right that you were right. I think Vince was just trying to get out of doing the project. Love the fact that this triggered a new idea. Hell maybe you will take tap dancing lessons.