May 26, 2011

cat affair

Can't wait to receive the book Cat People, just ordered it from Amazon (only $0.43)!
 I would also like this Nyanko Burger (don't know where to buy it YET) and stacking cat mugs from modcloth

May 22, 2011

recent finds

Went to the swap meet yesterday, found some fun things:
1.  Wacky rolling cart with drawers & organizers, $5.  Can't decide if this was used with a drawing table or in a medical setting...
2.  Vintage pink cooking pot, $3
3.  Vintage Fisher Price Pull-A-Tune, $3.  Gift for a friend, though I can't mention who because I haven't given it to them yet.
4.  Vintage Fisher Price Chatter Phone, $2
5.  80's Parker Brothers Risk board game, $4.  Gift for my roomies, Courtney and Daniel.

i would like to grow furniture

Thanks Sylvie for sending this along

May 13, 2011

recent finds

Yes, it's true that if you go to an estate sale early you will have the most options, but if you go in last 30 minutes, it's likely that everything is 50% off!

1. Vintage sofa, $30.  I really wanted this sofa for myself but I figured since I already have one, I gave Courtney the lead on the sofa for her new place.
2. Vintage armchair, $25.  It's a rocker.  I've hardly had a chance to sit in it because it had also become a new cat bed.  
3. Mara cat mug.  Not exactly a find.  I just copied Matt because I really wanted the kitty mug.  It also makes my coffee taste better.