Apr 19, 2012

e & e photo shoot @ opening

I'm finally receiving photos that were taken during my opening (keep sending them people)!  These are from the Everett & Erin photo shoot collection.  It's nice to have a little person that hasn't learned gallery manners and will crawl & sit on everything.  He's a great furniture model.  Thanks for the photos Matt!

everett has game
more interested in court's purse
lounging... i think he just figured out the zipper
court's money, phone, cards and red lipstick... all a kid needs in life
making the climb
critiquing the texture
human handcuffs
yay, baby bosch router
and a baby starrett square!!!!
the crew... where are you liv?
dad and vince talking about guns and moab, andrea's bored, not sure bout the others, just happy
Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and party.... and for my gifts... and to my family who came from Kentucky and Colorado to help and support me!  I'm gonna cry now.