Jul 11, 2011

picnic: room for four

Found the most fantastic picnic basket at the swap meet for $4.  The small plastic basket cleverly contains 4 of each: cups, forks, knives, spoons, plates, small and large bowls.  Also, 3 serving bowls and a salt and pepper shaker!

With the recent move, there are plenty of lounging boxes for the cats.  Here are the many positions of Ranger (all within a few minutes):

Jul 4, 2011

shelter revisited

When I began this blog, my first few post were about shelter... it wasn't until just now (while looking on cuteoverload.com) that I found the very best shelter of them all:

I'm going to start saving for a trip to Cat Island in Japan where these amazing buildings exist.  Oh and there's this one:

And cat shrines:

 Last but not least, the island is covered in cats (outnumbering humans), sounds like paradise!
photos taken from tofugo