Mar 20, 2011

new toys

Last week while I was completing the fabric portion of a plaster chair (go to earliest blog post if you don't know what I'm talking about), my sewing machine completely pooped out!  Damn that cute dress that I altered the night before.  Well, maybe I should blame it on the substandard sewing machine that I bought 6 years ago due to a lack of friends at my college and in the dorms... (HEY, it was only my first year and I went out of state!)  Though I only had an eensy-weensy bit left to sew, I couldn't do it by hand because the plaster would most certainly find its way through my shoddy stitching and seep out onto the floor.  So I went to my friend Kristin's and used her machine.  IT WAS AMAZING.  The cheap table cloth material slid through the machine like a butter... uhh, did I mention that she has a beautiful, classic 1950's Singer...?  It looks something like this:

As much as a loved using Kristin's quality vintage machine, I decided to order a new machine; a Brother CS6000i.  I didn't even know that sewing machines could be computerized.  My life has officially changed.  The machine does 60 stitches at the press of a button and to be honest, I don't even know what I would use half of the stitches for, but I LOVE them.  While reading the manual I was reminded of a post that my friend Brittany put on her blog: blogdogshit about her new Brother sewing machine, referring to the instruction manual where a woman is sewing in her house slippers.


  1. HAHA well I think I can let you in on the slipper thing. I am almost positive that the manual was probably designed in JAPAN,or maybe Taiwan, I am not sure but in Asian cultures, you never wear shoes in the house. You wear these floppy slippers and they look like the one in the manual - a basket of 'em are kept at the front door so you ease out of your FILTHY STINKY dogs and slip into these ill-fitting thing they call slippers so you don't track crap all over the house. I would switch to this mode but when you have two dogs and a cat that track inanout of the house, not to mention a grad student or two, the whole issue is moot.

  2. by the way Erin. I have a Brother sewing machine that I don't know how to use. can you show me sometime how to put thread on a bobbin?? and where do you get the bobbins??