Jun 24, 2011

waiting to move

The week before you move is the WORST!  I feel like I'm just sitting around waiting to move, I can't pack everything because I need some things and looking at stacks of boxes gives me anxiety.  Why can't I just have two apartments for a month so I can slowly transfer things, day by day?  I'm also the worst at packing because Dustyn and I have so much random stuff that I just write "dumb shit" on the boxes (and no, the stuff isn't dumb or shitty enough for me to get rid of it)!  I love crap.  Lucky for us, our new place has molding about a foot down from the ceiling, so plenty of room for our dumb stuff!  Oh and the building is pink.  For now on, I only live in pink places (and yes, my current place is pink as well).

As I obsessively think about how we will better organize, layout and utilize our new space - I have recently found a few clever ideas and of course more random things:

1.  Better organization & more kitty cats
2.  I'm copying Heather's pot rack
3.  Flat file as coffee table
4.  Color coordinated cabinets
5.  Transform non-functioning radiator into useable surface
6.  I wish all kitchens had these classic GE cabinettes
7.  Eat less pizza... unless it looks like this
(Oops, I forgot where I found the rest of these images).

This accordion cat by Libuse Niklova is fantastic! (Found via designboom).

Jun 7, 2011

little stools

Been spending the past few days making a million (dramatization) little stools for my friend Sylvie while she is relocating from San Diego to Madison, WI.  Though tedious to make, they are really fun to stack!

You're probably wondering what someone would do with 140 miniature stools...  Sylvie will likely do something similar to her other assemblages, like this elephant stool teapot:

I would just stack them on Darnel's head!