Oct 6, 2011

word a week

This is a 5 week project.  A word is given on Thursday and I have 1 week to respond by way of a small project (any media) and a written component.  And then repeat - 4 more words, 4 more pieces.

First word: Trifle

As a lover of sweet foods and colorful arrangements, I opted to go in the direction of the dessert trifle rather than the varying other meanings i.e. 'something of little importance or value' or a 'small amount'.  Though I really wanted to make the actual dessert, I decided on a virtual trifle that can never be physically consumed or enjoyed.  So I watched an instructional YouTube video and made a GIF.  It's really quite ridiculous that this thing only exists on this interface and provides little to no function, other than maybe a few laughs.  It relates to the ephemeral nature of food, in that this GIF may become outdated in the next year or so and will likely cease to exist in the future.  Some might even say that I turned a delicious dessert into something of little value!  Non-the less it was an enjoyable process.  So here it is, my amateur efforts and lack of computer skills:

Oct 4, 2011

quick projects

A few weeks ago, we (my fellow furniture grads and I) were asked to show 3 photos that portrayed our summers and were then given 2 weeks to produce something from those photos.  Since most of my summer was spent in the classroom teaching children how to saw and hammer, my first photo was a snapshot of about 60 painted birdhouses lined up to dry.  My second photo was of a cat print dress that I've been obsessing over, and the third was from my recent trip to Penland School of Crafts; it was a ball of wool roving.  In a nutshell, that was my summer... pretty boring!

So what did I make from these photographs...?  Stools.  I wanted to make a furniture item that was quick and playful (in honor of kids) and that was reminiscent of the wool roving.  The cat dress doesn't fit in so well, aside from the fact that my cats would LOVE tearing apart these stools.

I shaped the seat on the CNC, turned the 10 legs on the lathe and bundled them up in some cotton piping that I've been dying to use.  Here are some process photos (excuse the poor studio shots, will post better photos in the future):

UNFORTUNATELY, today I was shown some stools that were just featured at London Design Week and they look strangely similar.  Total bummer :(  They had colorful seats that spoke to crochet and needle work (beautifully done), but only 4 legs (I personally think that 5 look better).  At least I only spent a week designing and making these or else I would feel completely defeated.