Mar 20, 2011

good tip

I learned something tonight:  If you want to hold somebody's baby, do not ask "Can I try to hold the baby?"  That doesn't sit well with the parents.  By saying 'try', I admitted that I might possibly fail.  (Babies scare me).  After a bit of persuasion I held the baby.  Hmm, lets see if Matt will send the photo of proof...
Lara & Matt, I apologize.  I will never TRY to hold Everette again, I WILL do it!!!

And here it is:
Hahaha, I look so awkward.


  1. I saw that! Everette is adorable!

  2. I'll remember that. I think I will just look and coo "Everett's cute" but keep my arms down. I'm afraid of babies too.

  3. Totally know how you feel. When my sister had my nephew they all wanted pictures of me holding him and it looks like I am holding a fucking bomb. It scares the shit outta me to hold a baby!