Mar 23, 2011


Amplification is the name of our new assignment which was given to us by our resident artist BA Harrington (her blog here).  We have a few weeks for this assignment but seeing as I have an exhibition in 2 weeks, I have already began construction.  In response to my latest piece, Shingle Sofa (scroll down if you don't know what I'm talking about) I have decided to 'amplify' this concept of outdoor living space and make a few more pieces that would seemingly exist with this sofa.  I wanted to give the sofa a friend, so I have build a matching chair and sheathed it in shingles... almost finished!  Here it is thus far...  

Unfortunately I did not scout out a matching chair in the ally when I found the sofa, so I have had to construct this chair from scratch, which is actually a good thing considering the sofa was built like crap.  (Did I mention that there was a knot in the back support on the sofa which had obviously snapped).  While building this chair I realized that I was framing it out similar to housing construction (or at least what I understand as framing), which got me thinking about the other pieces that will live with this chair and sofa set.  
I am thinking about tables and lamps that will have an exoskeleton of sorts that frame out the already existing item of furniture (which I will build).  I do kind of worry about it becoming to kitschy and to similar to my studio mate, Adam's work (his blog here).  After talking with Adam a bit, I think that this can be avoided by the level of finish that is put into the work, for example not leaving textured band saw marks as he does...  We'll see.

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