Mar 24, 2011

ok, so i'm not a graphic designer

But I tried...  Here is my attempt at a show card for my upcoming exhibition:

I was fairly pleased with the card design and when I showed my professor Wendy, she also seemed pleased... but quickly paused, thought and then said "looks like a Crate & Barrel advertisement for sheets or something," my studio mate Justin then confirmed, "No, more like CB2." :( 
Haha, guess you can't please everyone!!  Oh well, I'm excited to get the cards in the mail (hopefully tomorrow).


  1. Yeah bout that…I apologize for that one. That was an outta line joke! Honestly though I do think it is a superb shot with good color choice. I enjoy the way it entices viewers to consider the title and image before entering. Looking forward to it!

  2. Haha, I wasn't upset, thought it was funny!