Dec 24, 2011

button tufted concrete

This is my second attempt at casting concrete, trying to make it look like upholstery.  I posted process photos of an earlier project but it didn't turn out so well :(  Rather than working from a found piece of furniture, I made this one from scratch.  I created a tufted bench in Rhino (3d software) and then pulled the negative from that and cut in on the CNC.  I then took textured fabric and gathered the areas where the buttons would be and then stitched it up around a box.  I poured concrete into this mold and shoved the plywood base into the concrete while it was still wet... it's not going anywhere!  This probably isn't making much sense, I will post more process photos as soon as I get back from holiday vacation.

This is the mold:
Unfortunately the fabric did not pull off as well as the samples, so I torched it while Vince pulled with all his might and some vice grips!

Thanks for walking by and taking some photos Shane.

 Vince and I mixing concrete for a different project.  Looks like I'm just supervising his hoe-ing skills, but don't let this fool you... I mixed 3 bags myself and was incredibly sore the next day!!  Thanks Vince :)
Thanks for the photos Matt.

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