Nov 29, 2011

bday camping

All I wanted to do for my birthday was go camping... so I did!  We went to Idyllwild, CA up in the San Jacinto mountains and it was a blast although really short (I can't be gone from the kitties for too long or they may die).  I ate thanksgiving leftovers and a TON of smores, drank a little too much, tripped on a log, cut my leg and smashed my nose with a hula hoop!  Luckily Dustyn took oodles of photos.

he found harry potter's wand
led hula hoop
nose smash

To top it all off, Dustyn surprised me with a cake that he made to look like cat doodoo and put it in a litter box (new and clean).  It's a combination of vanilla cake, chocolate cake, pudding, cookies and tootsie rolls.  It was really weird eating from the box.

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