Jun 24, 2011

waiting to move

The week before you move is the WORST!  I feel like I'm just sitting around waiting to move, I can't pack everything because I need some things and looking at stacks of boxes gives me anxiety.  Why can't I just have two apartments for a month so I can slowly transfer things, day by day?  I'm also the worst at packing because Dustyn and I have so much random stuff that I just write "dumb shit" on the boxes (and no, the stuff isn't dumb or shitty enough for me to get rid of it)!  I love crap.  Lucky for us, our new place has molding about a foot down from the ceiling, so plenty of room for our dumb stuff!  Oh and the building is pink.  For now on, I only live in pink places (and yes, my current place is pink as well).

As I obsessively think about how we will better organize, layout and utilize our new space - I have recently found a few clever ideas and of course more random things:

1.  Better organization & more kitty cats
2.  I'm copying Heather's pot rack
3.  Flat file as coffee table
4.  Color coordinated cabinets
5.  Transform non-functioning radiator into useable surface
6.  I wish all kitchens had these classic GE cabinettes
7.  Eat less pizza... unless it looks like this
(Oops, I forgot where I found the rest of these images).

This accordion cat by Libuse Niklova is fantastic! (Found via designboom).