May 13, 2011

recent finds

Yes, it's true that if you go to an estate sale early you will have the most options, but if you go in last 30 minutes, it's likely that everything is 50% off!

1. Vintage sofa, $30.  I really wanted this sofa for myself but I figured since I already have one, I gave Courtney the lead on the sofa for her new place.
2. Vintage armchair, $25.  It's a rocker.  I've hardly had a chance to sit in it because it had also become a new cat bed.  
3. Mara cat mug.  Not exactly a find.  I just copied Matt because I really wanted the kitty mug.  It also makes my coffee taste better.

1 comment:

  1. why are there so many of these cat mugs out there?