Mar 27, 2011


Yesterday I pulled a letter from my mailbox from Penland School of Crafts saying that I received a full work-study scholarship to attend a workshop this summer.  I applied to take a week long sculptural felting class with Stephanie Metz, which I am REALLY excited about.  Here is some of her work:

In exchange for tuition, housing and meals I have to work a certain amount of hours in the kitchen, dorms, etc.  I hope they have me making desserts or vacuuming.  Making desserts is an obvious one (you get to eat while you're making), but vacuuming, I know it's a little weird.  I am slightly OCD when it comes to cleaning and have had to loosen up now that I live with 3 other people.  When I lived in my own place, I had an obsession with vacuuming every night, otherwise I couldn't sleep.  Probably shouldn't have told you (whoever YOU are) that.  


  1. you might end up as a dishwasher or have to set the tables. Maybe clean toilets. Hopefully you can help cook in the kitchen.

    Congrats on the scholarship, its going to be so much fun for you out there!!!

  2. OMG sculptural felting!! I wanna go! Congrats