Mar 26, 2011

today's finds

Ok, so I have a problem... If I see a sign for an estate sale, well I go!  So today I found one on my way to feed the Bonser's cats, Norman and June Bug.  (They're real cute).  And here is what I found:

1.  Vintage Rival crock-pot in box, $10.  Can't wait for Dustyn to make chili in this.
2.  Vegetable peeler, $0. 50.  Dustyn is always complaining about the one we have; but hey, at least he cooks.
3.  Baseball, $0. 50.  It's not new, but it looks better than the one we currently play with.
4.  Vintage Alladinware two-tier lazy susan in box, $2.  I've always wanted one of these for our spices because it reminds me of the one I had growing up, and plus it's a beautiful avocado green color.  The box is also pretty fantastic.  

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