Feb 5, 2011

thinking about shelter

Interested in: Ranger under an Amazon box, a how-to guide from Popular Mechanics Magazine 1972, and House In a Box by Jerszy Seymour.

My next few weeks will be consumed with the notion of shelter; what I perceive it to be and how it may affect daily life.  As of recently I have been concerned with objects of possession and their relationship to the home and social status.  I am curious what a piece of furniture might maintain as shelter and keep thinking of the classic dining chair cover that drapes to the floor with a little bow tied at the back... gross.  I want to provide armor for furniture by applying distinct construction substrates to the object and create a sort of showroom for the varying pieces and possibilities.    


  1. I can't believe you stitched the title for your blog!! Very clever. I am impressed so far.

  2. Oh and of COURSE the word "CAT" is in play.

  3. Erin–after looking at your earlier work, and thinking about your ideas for the shelter project, I see how the plaster chairs fit into the bigger picture. The hanging froms reference chairs hung on the wall (i.e. Shakers), but they are awkward and over-sized, besides the fact that they take the shape of the flaccid fabric form or skin you use as a mold. I think they're good studies, but I'm not sure they're worth all the effort. I'd like to hear you talk about why they're made in plaster instead of just the fabric you use to make the mold.

    I'm curious to see what you will do with the found objects and how they will dialogue with the fiberglass/plexi table. I love how you used the negative shape in the fiberglass and then capped it and defined in with the plexi cover.