Feb 5, 2011

in progress

 While hanging the plaster chairs to be photographed the next morning, they fell from the wall.  I didn't even consider what the wall material was and how it might hold the weight of the piece (which is something I should know by now), so they fell and two broke.  I am remaking the piece.  The process: a few hours of mindless sewing, pouring plaster, and diligently slicing away the mold that I spent hours making.  Repeat.

Chair #1 took a turn for the worst.  The leg ruptured under pressure and projected plaster across the wall and adjacent objects (sorry Adam).  I digress and attempt chair #2, this time surrounded by plastic... I do learn.

I continue to sew.


  1. Erin- The work that you have produced in the past year has been an unexpected yet pleasing departure from your previous works. As an artist you have graduated into broader concepts that address issue of materiality. It's true, everyone has things that they don’t use such as clothing and furniture. The hanging plaster chairs challenged this notion. These chairs had a sense of playfulness but also a sense of pity. This juxtaposition really worked! In the project entitled “Helter Shelter,” I was wondering if this union between the playful and serious could also be achieved. I don’t know how but it’s something to think about…

  2. I know I haven't had a chance to provide feedback on this piece since it was executed last semester. It seems that a lot of people really liked this direction. I have mixed feelings about it - I can't decide if I like it or if I hate it. I like the challenge of transforming the material and the illusion of it being soft. I don't know about its end result and the awkwardness of the display. I've stared at the pieces while they were in the room and in this picture and my final evaluation is that if they are hanging, I would have liked to see them more elongated and stretched out - the weight of the plaster being played out in the piece.

  3. I know I've already told you this, but I like the one with the "club" foot!

  4. haha, yeah he might need surgery.

  5. I also had a little laugh over the club foot the other night when I was in the back of the shop.