Feb 22, 2011

this only happens to me: cat depot

My almost daily trips to good ole Home Depot are often filled with fun tales of men hootin' and hollerin' while I struggle to load 4' x 4' sheets of plywood into my vehicle and chauvinistic attempts to help me find tell me what I am looking for.  But today's trip was a little different.  Not because the employee who cut the carpet padding for me couldn't multiply 6 x 6, or that he wrote the amount down incorrectly so that it rang up at $158 instead of $17 but because while I was wandering the isles to find an employee to help... A CAT WALKED BY!!!  Dumbfounded, I looked to the nearest employee and started to move my lips and formed the words "uhhh, caaaatttt..." or something of that nature and he calmly replied "oh, that's our cat, he lives here."

 I frequent this Home Depot so often that it seems nearly impossible that I somehow just missed the pet cat.  So I creepily followed the little orange guy into the flooring section and waited for him to stop so I could jump in and make my move.  As it turns out J.C. was born and raised in Home Depot with his mother living nearby in the garden section.  I wonder if they are hiring for a cat-care position...  

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