Nov 8, 2012

Inspired by Mexican pink and Luis Barragan.  Need to paint the house.

Oct 14, 2012

been gone

i've been bad... i stopped posting.  it's habitual.  once you stop for a while, where do you begin posting again and how do you decide what's worthy of sharing?  i don't know, this probably isn't worth sharing but i'm doing it anyways.  so i'll begin with cats (obviously) and maybe i'll continue posting my work and process again soon.

Apr 19, 2012

e & e photo shoot @ opening

I'm finally receiving photos that were taken during my opening (keep sending them people)!  These are from the Everett & Erin photo shoot collection.  It's nice to have a little person that hasn't learned gallery manners and will crawl & sit on everything.  He's a great furniture model.  Thanks for the photos Matt!

everett has game
more interested in court's purse
lounging... i think he just figured out the zipper
court's money, phone, cards and red lipstick... all a kid needs in life
making the climb
critiquing the texture
human handcuffs
yay, baby bosch router
and a baby starrett square!!!!
the crew... where are you liv?
dad and vince talking about guns and moab, andrea's bored, not sure bout the others, just happy
Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and party.... and for my gifts... and to my family who came from Kentucky and Colorado to help and support me!  I'm gonna cry now.

Mar 30, 2012

final stretch

It's now the final stretch with only 8 days until my show!  Here's what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks.

giant cinder coffee table mold
after the pour
dissolving foam with acetone
the little guy got  steel casters
round ottoman lounge, just painted and waiting for cement cushions
cement cushion mold
blue pigment!
And the announcement card:

Feb 26, 2012

cinder blocks & lace

most recent piece = heavy as sh** extruded cinder block table

mounting lace on mold 
the mold might even be more interesting than the table 
prepping the mold
the work site and 600lbs of materials
dustyn does the heavy lifting
had to rent a mixer for this one!
great view from above, almost done
Unfortunately the table took a turn for the worst... it cracked because it couldn't shrink properly within the mold.  So I tried a little surgery (see below) but decided that re-pouring the table is the best option.  This time it will include a more structural rebar skeleton.

cracked table with lace 
and finally... NO LACE!!!

Jan 15, 2012

more concrete

Attempt #2 at casting concrete in fabric...
It was a little easier removing the fabric this time as I chose a less porous fabric to work with, but it's still getting smashed between the folds.  It am hoping that the remaining fabric will burn out when I torch it, but we'll see.  (Side note: when I went to buy the propane tank a salesman asked me if I was going to cook meth with it...  who are they hiring at home depot?)

the base in parts
the mold
manipulating fabric in the mold
Jon snapped this while I was trying to remove the fabric
bad photo but almost finished

Dec 24, 2011

button tufted concrete

This is my second attempt at casting concrete, trying to make it look like upholstery.  I posted process photos of an earlier project but it didn't turn out so well :(  Rather than working from a found piece of furniture, I made this one from scratch.  I created a tufted bench in Rhino (3d software) and then pulled the negative from that and cut in on the CNC.  I then took textured fabric and gathered the areas where the buttons would be and then stitched it up around a box.  I poured concrete into this mold and shoved the plywood base into the concrete while it was still wet... it's not going anywhere!  This probably isn't making much sense, I will post more process photos as soon as I get back from holiday vacation.

This is the mold:
Unfortunately the fabric did not pull off as well as the samples, so I torched it while Vince pulled with all his might and some vice grips!

Thanks for walking by and taking some photos Shane.

 Vince and I mixing concrete for a different project.  Looks like I'm just supervising his hoe-ing skills, but don't let this fool you... I mixed 3 bags myself and was incredibly sore the next day!!  Thanks Vince :)
Thanks for the photos Matt.